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A home’s tile, grout and stone work can either be a pride and joy to a homeowner, or the bit of the home you hide under a rug when visitors stop by. Grimy grout and tarnished tile work can be particularly unsightly and any Utah homeowner who has ever attempted to dislodge the dirt themselves could tell you it’s no easy task. Utah tile cleaning in Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties is a chore.

Many beautiful Utah homes feature attractive tile, stone and grout on exterior walkways, pool sides and porches as well as interior walls, bathrooms and floors. Being such an affordable and attractive choice of flooring option, tiles can run extensively through the home and property and without regular deep cleaning it can make most of the house appear old and dingy.

But wait, let’s talk about how great this same stone and tile work when it has been properly addressed with a superior cleaning option, like Chem-Dry Tile & Grout cleaning solutions from the Utah tile cleaning professionals in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties.

Ceramic tiles, slate walkways even granite and marble floors that have been thoroughly cleaned, with all dust, dirt and debris removed from their surface appear 100% restored, they look and feel like new — better than new, actually.

Mr. Chem-Dry’s Tile & Grout technicians have been working in the Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties for over 20 years. We know Utah tile cleaning in Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties and we know how important it is that the work is performed with the highest standards of efficiency and attention to detail.

If you ever feel intimidated by the extent your tiles conditions have gone, even the really gross conditions, where molds are literally taking over a portion of your living quarters, don’t hesitate to call the professionals and put an end to the biological menace.

High Quality Sanitation from Chem-Dry Tile & Grout Cleaning Experts

Tile is a great flooring choice; now available in so many textures, colors and motifs it just boggles the mind. In addition to being highly attractive, tile work is also very durable. It can withstand the moisture, traffic and chemicals that would spell the end for any other form of flooring option.

Nevertheless, tile work, tough as it is, needs some special love and care if it is always going to look its best. Tile, grout and stone work is also very porous — which means that if you examined its surface with a magnifying lens, you would notice many holes and cracks along its apparently smooth surface.

After weeks, months or years, these minuscule little holes begin to fill with dirt, grime and any other contaminants that might be playing across the floor in your home. Once these communities of dingy denizens start getting cozy in their cracks, they begin to reproduce.

In a matter of weeks or years, depending on traffic and other factors, your tiles will begin to exhibit obvious signs that a deep cleaning is in order. This is when some people arm themselves with the most potent cleaning potions the local hardware store can supply them with and proceed to launch many brave assaults to dislodge the grime.

This is one way to address the tiles in your home, though without proper introduction to the task it is likely that it will need to be repeated again in the very near future. Additionally, harsher chemicals can damage the protective glazing of tile work and effectively shorten their lifespan.

So just what is a homeowner supposed to do about the threat of biological invasion? Following is a summary of our Utah tile cleaning process in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties from start to sparkling finish:

Pretests — Before we begin applying any cleaning agents we will conduct a thorough examination of the task at hand so that the best solution can be applied.

Setting Up — Our technicians will help to move things around and cordon off our area of operations and performing inspections of all relevant considerations, electrical outlets, animal companions, etc.

The Cleaning Process — Qualified technicians will arrive to carry out the work in the most expeditious way possible. Each step of the process will be inspected, and if necessary redone. It is imperative that our work is up to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We will leave the floors, walls and tiles sparkling clean in only a few hours.

Additional Treatments — If so requested, our technicians will also treat the tile & grout work with special Chem-Dry sealants to preserve your investment and be sure it lasts as long as possible, before needing to be redone.

Final Notes

In addition to all the services listed above, we also offer granite restoration, grout recovering and polishing services. For a more information, give us a call at 801-298-8125.

If your lovely home and its beautiful tiles are suffering from gunk and grime that’s gotten out of hand, don’t get bent out of shape — call Mr. Chem-Dry’s tile & grout technicians and keep your home environment beautiful and sanitary.