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Utah Rug Cleaning - Mr Chem-Dry

When it comes to Utah rug cleaning in Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties, there are some special considerations that need to be addressed. First of all rugs come in varying sizes, and are usually in the main traffic patterns of a home. As opposed to carpet cleaning, which obviously is concerned with larger areas, rugs may take specialized treatment as they may be much dirtier than they look.

Mr. Chem-Dry is a home and commercial cleaning company that has been in business in Centerville, Utah for a number of years, and services are offered in Davis, Weber and Salt Lake counties. Our primary cities where we offer our services are Salt Lake City, Ogden and Centerville.

Our rug cleaning procedure is similar to the cleaning of carpets, but some rugs need some extra tender loving care because they might suffer from more abusive and extra traffic due to where they are located and the lesser emphasis on their cleaning, perhaps.

We clean all kinds of rugs from small ones, to area rugs and oriental and decorative rugs. No matter the type of rug that you want us to clean, we will take the best approach to cleaning your rug as if it was our own property.

The cleaning of area and oriental rugs is a specialty of Mr. Chem-Dry, as they are beautiful in their settings and they add much to the decor of the home. However, they get dirty too and need to be cleaned periodically.

Area rugs act as filters for unwanted dirt, debris, bacteria and allergens, and all of these items can be circulated throughout the room as people walk back and forth in the area.

Here at Mr. Chem-Dry, we take our role in cleaning your rugs, some which are a highly-prized investment very seriously. We can clean the rugs at your house, or we can take them to our plant located locally, and perform a more thorough cleaning. We will focus our attention on the care and delicate procedure of protecting your rugs, while at the same time giving them the thorough cleaning that they require.

Just as you would not send your automobile to a garage for repairs without knowing something about the people who are fixing your car, we do not expect you to send your fine rugs to just anyone. We heartily endorse your investigation of not only our services, but of our reputation as well.

Obviously, you will want an expert to be working on the cleaning of your rugs just as you would want to have an expert mechanic work on your car. Our process and training prepares us to be able to work on all kinds of rugs, from the most common area rugs, to the most expensive and delicate Persian and Oriental rugs. We use very specialized equipment and tools that are designed to be used for whatever kind of rug we are working on.

Utah rug cleaning in Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties has never experienced the time and care used to properly clean rugs, with a special intent of maintaining and preserving colors and fabric with their original uniqueness.

We understand the privilege we have in helping you to achieve the best in Utah rug cleaning in Salt Lake, Davis & Weber counties taken to the next level and to the finest process known to man in getting your rugs the cleanest that they have ever been.