Utah Green Cleaning

Utah Green CleaningDo you have concerns about getting your home sparkling clean? Are you more careful about what chemicals or toxins come near your family and have no idea what to use anymore? It can be so confusing. Utah green cleaning services are available from Mr. Chem-Dry.

What if you could get a deep real clean feeling using green cleaning solutions? Well, Mr. Chem-Dry takes the guesswork out of the equation using an ingenious method that is both non-toxic and green. It uses the same technology that is akin to powerful soda water. That’s exactly what Chem-Dry does through a simple concept that is fully safe and non-toxic to provide a fresh clean you can trust.

Mr. Chem-Dry is your local Chem-Dry cleaning company serving Salt Lake, Utah, Weber, and Davis counties that provide Utah carpet cleaning. We perform the special Chem-Dry cleaning method to achieve the best of Utah green cleaning. We clean upholstery and furniture, perform granite countertop restorations and tile cleaning. Our solution is strong enough to remove stains and eliminate pet urine using the patented Chem-Dry cleaning method.

Emergency Cleanup

Not every call to us is good news, but we are available and arrive 24/7 to perform water damage cleanup. We believe in solving problems even better than people could have imagined, whether planned or under less-than-ideal circumstances.

More About Utah Green Cleaning Methods

Chem-dry solutions are certified green and non-toxic. That means that the solutions are ones you can trust to clean your home while keeping your family and pets safe.

Chem-Dry Quality Standards

Chem-Dry is a name that households around the country trust because of its unwavering commitment to quality. It requires the same top quality of any company that is a part of the Chem-Dry team.

Benefits Of Utah Green Cleaning

Mr. Chem-Dry uses the patented green cleaning methods of Chem-Dry that dries fast, uses significantly less water, gets fabric much cleaner, and is much safer than traditional steam cleaning. The method is so effective it removes more than 98% of household allergens, and 89% of bacteria from the air and 82% from upholstery or carpets.

Reasons For Professional Green Cleaning

Make the decision to upgrade to protect your carpets from the ravages of bacteria and allergens . Sanitizing carpets clear the air for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and those who have the ravages of water damage.

Preventing More Damage With Better Cleaning Methods

The truth is that steam cleaning is a far second-best to the advanced green cleaning methods of Chem-Dry. Steam cleaning douses the carpeting in a mess of water and chemicals. It takes days for the carpeting to dry and may make mold problems actually worse. The problem is that the water gets trapped in the carpeting fibers and the carpeting backing.

The Mr. Chem-Dry Advantage

Mr. Chem-Dry is truly green by using 80% less water than steam cleaning. Rather than drying over the course of days, carpets dry in mere hours. You get back to your life in your home much sooner. That is a time saver and does not upset your regular routine much.

Because Chem-Dry’s solution is carbonation, it gets to the dirt that is hidden and trapped deep in your carpet’s fibers. It lifts the soil and actually whisks it away.

This is where equipment makes a difference. Mr. Chem-Dry uses its powerful extraction apparatus to achieve a truly clean carpet. The clean is effective, and long-lasting.

What happens is that because there is no soap used, there is no residue. That means that there is no residue, and therefore, nothing for new dirt to glob onto. It keeps your carpet cleaner longer.

The small water usage also has another excellent effect on the home. It means that there is a very low likelihood of mold growth in the carpet backing, or under the carpeting. That is always a big concern with the amount of water used with at-home and even professional steam cleaning businesses.

Carpet & Upholstery Allergen Study ResultsInstead, Mr. Chem-Dry’s natural, green-certified cleaning is gentle and has no harmful chemicals or soap. It is non-toxic and safe. The best part is that there is the chance to add in a sanitizing element to increase the clean even for Mr. Chem-Dry services. Consider the sanitation upgrade to get the full 89% bacterial removal from the air inside of the home. Overall, it is a much safer carpet cleaning method than you can get from any other service that is around.

Less inconvenience and many benefits make Mr. Chem-Dry the natural green choice to get your home truly clean. Consider how you can use all that extra time. If you or your loved ones are suffering inside, sneezing, having asthma attacks, and other respiratory disorders, consider giving them relief with Mr. Chem-Dry green cleaning.

It is a reliable service, with proven results on its power in your life. Whether you need them in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, turn to Mr. Chem-Dry.