Utah Granite Countertop Restoration

Utah Granite Countertop Restoration - Mr Chem-DryThere is little doubt among homeowners who have granite as a material for their countertops that it is a beautiful and durable product, as no two pieces are the same. It can be cut and shaped into any style, size or shape of pieces necessary to fit designs as plain or as intricate as desired and made to be beautifully finished. Utah granite countertop restoration services offered by Mr. Chem-Dry can bring back that beautiful finish.

Even though granite is very highly durable and will last for years to come, it should be restored on a periodic basis just to make sure that its original shine will continue to persist over the years.

Granite is sealed with a sealant when it is installed, and over time the sealant will wear thin, allowing liquids that spill onto the countertop to seep down into the pores of the granite.

Over time, water spots can form, residue, bacteria and dirt can also enter into the granite and that can affect how your investment looks. Therefore a system of regular maintenance will help to protect the granite as well as providing cleaning and new sealant to the area.

Mr. Chem Dry is Utah’s premier cleaning and home restoration company, using a patented Chem-Dry solution that makes Mr. Chem Dry the people to call for the best Utah granite countertop restoration process.

You will be amazed when you see the results, as the surface of your granite countertops will look just like new. The cleaning solution that is used is environmentally friendly and contains no harsh chemicals. A four-step process is used to get out all of the dirt, bacteria, foreign substances and residue, and the original color will be restored to your granite countertop as well.

The solution patented by Chem-dry is very much like club soda, as it penetrates deep into the granite and it creates small bubbles that loosen up the trapped items and lifts them gently up from very deep inside of all of the pores of the granite, and makes it easy to wipe them away with no harsh processes or abrasion of any kind.

Using only 20 per cent of the water that is normally used by competitors for a similar process, your countertops will dry much faster than other comparable methods of cleaning.

The Chem-dry four-step process is actually very simple, yet very effective and you will see why. First of all a proprietary method of scrubbing and cleaning non-abrasively is used, which thoroughly cleans the countertop. Then the residues are removed, next the countertop is sealed, and the final step polishes the granite.

The cleaning process alone is far more thorough than any competition can imagine, as the tiny bubbles of the Chem-dry patented process does its work. But the next step using Chem-dry’s exclusive residue remover gets all of the residues out of the granite. It is these residues from spills and smudges that can discolor the granite, and the residue remover brings the granite back to its original color.

Next the sealer is applied to the countertop, and the Chem-dry sealer is priceless, as it only takes 5 minutes to dry, compared to hours to dry by many of the top sealers that are currently on the market. The sealer penetrates very deep into the granite surface which creates a very powerful layer of important protection that will protect your granite surface for a very long time to come.

Once the sealer is applied and it dries, the countertop is polished with a unique Chem-dry polish that revitalizes the countertop so much that you will think that we have installed a brand new granite countertop in your kitchen. Once you have this done you will realize the value of having the best Utah granite countertop restoration done for you by Mr. Chem-dry.

The Chem-dry company is the leading carpet and household cleaning company in the world as it has been in business since 1977 and is well known for its patented carbonated cleaning process. The Chem-dry process has an entire catalog of Green-Certified cleaning processes that not only get your items clean, but literally obliterates harmful bacteria and allergens.

Chem-dry uses an entirely natural process for cleaning everything from your countertops, to your carpeting, your furniture, your draperies and your tile. This results in a healthier home environment for you and your family as everyone does better in a cleaner, bacteria and allergy free home.

Your granite countertops are a very valuable investment and you deserve to have the best Utah granite countertop restoration procedure available to you periodically. Not only will you enjoy better looking and cleaner countertops, but you will certainly be protecting an investment that really adds to the value of your home.

If you ever do sell your home, part of the staging process is to have a Chem-dry cleaning of your entire home, including your granite countertops, which offers you the best presentation possible to potential buyers.